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30 April, 2008

Biocurrency | Environmental Economics

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Heed Warning: I am not an economist, material scientist or an environmentalist, per se, but I believe that we need to do things in a different way if we are to flourish as a global society. If anything, I’m a modern Natural Philosopher.

When one makes a value statement regarding environmental impact, such as, which consumer good has the least impact, there are so many variables that make up this value, that it is often easier to make a uninformed, moral decision instead of an informed, scientific one. (more…)

29 April, 2008

A UX Critique of Digg

Well, this is one thing which really bothers me and I wish they would change how this particular section of digg works. But you know, advertisers are the ultimate customer, and more pageviews = more dollars.


21 April, 2008

Getting Paid to Save : A personal productivity & money management formula

How can my money work for me?

Usually this question is met with a variety of options on how to SPEND or KEEP money. This article is neither, and there are plenty of websites with ideas for that. Amazon, Get Rich Slowly, and The Motley Fool come to mind for resources as to what to do with your money once you earn it.

The inquiry explored here deals directly with the idea of money, what it means, and how that meaning can motivate you to action.


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