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15 August, 2008

No AC & Hot Weather? Got a Freezer?

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Here in Portland, Oregon, they’re predicting 104 degree temperatures tomorrow. This is not good. You see, buying an air conditioner in Portland is a terrible waste of money, 360 days out of the year. The weather is tolerable and tends towards the cold more often then the hot.

However, for those five days out of the year that the temperature tops 100, having a solution is critical. Probably the reason there are heaps of public fountains in the Portland Metro area, besides the pretty looks.

Swamp coolers are generally a good idea, except the weather is far too humid to support evaporative cooling.

My solution? Get a hand towel wet, wring it out and stick it in the freezer. Be sure to fold it several times, and place it flat side down, so it’s easy to remove once it freezes.

After an hour, you have a damp (not wet), very cold cloth. For maximum cooling, place over the top of your head, then drape around shoulders & neck when the center begins to thaw.

I figure that since most of your body heat escapes from your head, cooling off the area is a wise idea. I believe the greatest volume of blood flows through your neck, so cooling down your blood should cool down the rest of you.

The frozen hand towel stays icy cool without dripping for 30+ minutes. Works for me! Although it could be too cold for some.

Another argument for always having your towel handy.

11 August, 2008

NBC’s Xenophobic Olympic Coverage

I don’t know if you’ve had the opportunity to peruse any Olympic coverage on traditional media sources, but the ubiquity of Americans being shown at this international event almost sickens me.

I’ve watched two hours of Olympic coverage, and only TWICE, was a participant from another country identified and given on-screen time. A Chinese swimmer got 15 seconds, a French swimmer was pictured and attributed with some quote about ‘smashing America’. Wonderful.

Oh wait, they did mention something about Japanese people being too short for volleyball….

Beyond the argument that this promotes a self-centered international identity, I am irritated by all this for SEVERAL reasons.

One, the whole POINT of the Olympics is for us to drop our flag waving and come together in the spirit of human achievement. By offering America exclusive coverage of just Americans completely destroys this spirit and replaces it with the mundane ‘we are the best’ competitive mentality that causes no small amount of human suffering around the world.

Two, as a viewer and a citizen in this global community, I want to be exposed to other cultures and see what I have not seen before. I have seen America, not all of it, not even a significant portion of it, but I have not seen China, I have not seen Japan. I want to. I want to know their back stories, their struggles, their triumphs. To let our national pride interfere with our humanity, our interest in the people we share this planet with, is just ego-centric.

Finally, as a student of mass communication, I was taught that it is the role of the media to provide as many angles to a story as possible, so that an informed populace can make decisions. Now today, with the right-wing and left-wing pundits serving as our major media outlets, the bias is apparent. They do our thinking for us by controlling the conversation. Objectivity goes straight out the window.

I would hope that our coverage of a world event is not as one-sided as the advertising permitted within. I would hope that in order to promote an understanding between nations, the major media would step up to their responsibility as information providers, and show us the whole story.

Not just the American version.

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6 August, 2008

Pick Eateries Like A Local

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I haven’t written for a while, so I wanted to share this little trick, with whoever is reading. You too, can impress dates by finding good restaurants without the help of interent reviews. It’s pretty simple.

1) Do other people of your peer group eat there?

Chances are, if a place is full of loud, obnoxious children scarfing down pizza of a dubious quality, it won’t be suitable for your purposes. Unless you are a loud, obnoxious child.

2) Does it smell good?

This is the big one. I’ve never had the smell check fail, and indeed, many times, I have resented not listening to my nose, because it always… knows.

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