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19 January, 2009

Configuring a Contour Shuttle Pro for Final Cut Pro & Motion – Part 1 – Jog/Shuttle Wheel

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Out of the box, and updated to the most recent software, the Contour ShuttlePRO has an abysmal default setup for Final Cut, undoubtedly the majority of the customer base for this particular device. For the uninitiated, the Coutour ShuttlePRO has a jog/shuttle wheel, reminiscent of the A/B tape decks of yore, which allow an editor to pinpoint a particular frame, or scrub through large amounts of footage quickly, with a certain degree of accuracy and intuitiveness. This utilized a dual pairing of two wheel mechanisms, one, the centrally located jog, is notched internally, representing a frame of movement, and is spun with the thumb or finger to manipulate the control. The other, the shuttle, is spring loaded to return to center when spun 90° left or right, degrees from center representing greater amounts of speed, in the forward and backwards direction. Even with this ancient technology, one could pinpoint a particular time with a good degree of accuracy, and then let the video hardware catch up by unspooling it’s analog linear goodness to the timecode you specified. (more…)

18 January, 2009

Fighting Distraction

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So little time, so much to do, does this sound familiar? We live in a continual swarm of information, and much of the time, we spend in a receptive state, watching and observing the streams. The big issue of course is relevance. What is relevant to my goals and aspirations? Everything else is distraction.


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