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23 July, 2009

Configuring a Shuttle for FCP Part 2.5 & FCP 7 Overview

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I’ve been a bad blogger. It’s not just laziness,  something stops me from serving my little community to the utmost. Cynicism and malaise, I think, not directed at you, my wonderful readers, more of at life in general. Let’s break that habit, at least for today.

I present an early version of what I was mentioning months ago.


Now, this is for FCP6 and Contour Shuttle software.

Oddly enough, today I found that Apple announced Final Cut Studio 7.

Some exciting stuff here, colored tabs and markers, easier clip speed control, background rendering, multitouch and lots of workflow improvements. I don’t know if it all justifies a version change, but lets see what else got added to the bundle.

I think the thing that stands out for me the most is the across the board improvements to hardware support and workflow. Apple has really gone out of the way to make sure a variety of control surfaces are supported for Motion, Color and Soundtrack Pro. As you know, I use a Shuttle, and I find the little bugger indispensable compared to working with a mouse and keyboard. Dedicated hardware offers you the flexibility to set up your work space in a way that works best for you. This is essential to develop ‘muscle memory’ with your software.

Workflow too, the shuffling of files from folder to application to export to archive. More codecs, XML interchange and export options means you’ll have less hassling with files & renders. Color now integrates tightly with FCP. Pretty neat stuff.

Motion got quite a bit of love, making it even more of a viable contender with After Effects. Text generation, shadows and depth of field are the highlights here.

Soundtrack, I think, got the weakest attention in this update, but that’s ok if it means Logic 9 will rock my socks off.

Of course, for some, the best new feature is Blu-ray support!

While there’s a couple of shiny things to draw your attention to this update, I think that the most exciting improvements are a few versions away. Much as Snow Leopard focuses on improving foundations, this release, with increased hardware and workflow support, lays the groundwork for future greatness. Especially considering the work that’s gone into Final Cut Server, I believe they will have a world class media management tool / interface in the next release.

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