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7 April, 2008

Heirarchy of Relative Importance

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So, this morning I biked a 6 mile ride to work. This has been the first time I’ve ridden to work since I’ve been in Portland, so it’s been almost 2 years now. It was wonderful, I was 30 minutes late to work, got pretty lost twice and the combined weight of my laptop and clothing seemed to easily double the weight of the bike;.

It was beautiful, the roads were clear, I got passed by maybe 5 cars for the road portion of my ride, the hills were not too steep, but plentiful and spaced far apart. It felt so wonderful to be out in the real world for about 50 minutes ( stop lights and getting lost accounted for a much longer ride then I had anticipated, which is why I was late ). I didn’t have to walk my bike up any hills, so I must be in better shape then I thought. Or maybe it’s just a matter of willpower.

I arrived at work flustered, sweaty, but feeling very alive. I went to drink an entire liter of water (go metric!), turn on my computer and rest in my chair for a moment. Since my windows laptop takes about 5 minutes to go from power on to a usable state, I spend a long time looking at a desktop, waiting for something to happen, either FireFox or Outlook.

The vast expanse of the immense outsides contrasted relative to the minuscule size of the firefox launch bar icon really struck me as bizarre. That I would spend the majority of my limited time on this planet with this tiny, artificial world as opposed to the big, real world outside the box is kind of dumb…

Yet in the course of my continued survival, that stupid little Outlook icon is much more important then the big outside world. Everybody now, can we say, “disconnect?”

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