Creative Communications

24 June, 2008

Underemployed, or Do employees dream of contracting?

You spend the first six months at a job learning your place, testing your limits and generally meeting what is expected from you. After that, the work-expectation set point has been established, and you have nothing to anticipate besides advancement, quitting or getting fired in a blazing row. There is no challenge, and you go to work not watching the clock, but looking for ways to pass the time. (more…)

6 June, 2008

Momentum : Why the first 6 months at a job are the most important.

Momentum is a critical part of living and feeling vital, to always know that new opportunities are emerging and that one’s abilities are being utilized to their utmost. To make the most out of now, so that in the future, more will be available. To never be stagnant, stuck or otherwise without options. Most employees are lucky to make it 6 months without momentum being killed, not by an inner sense of torpor, but from not being placed in a situation where one’s potential can be realized through daily situational challenges. (more…)

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