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13 November, 2008

24/7 Information Saturation Hurts Productivity

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I was going through my routine this morning, awoke, ran, about to have breakfast, but my computer turns on at 11am, so I stopped to check email. Some link opened my browser and here I am, faced with a plethora of options!
It’s like walking down the checkout isle at the grocery store and having all those shiny candy wrappers teasing the child-like part of your mind. Still on auto-pilot, I clicked on Google Reader.

Then I stopped. Wait a minute. I had all these plans and ambitions for the day. There’s a ton of stuff I have to do, including eat breakfast, and checking the latest news and information is more of a priority? Really? Chances are, it will diverge into an hour long browse / email / forward session.

I really think I’m much better off, since I’m not in the cutting news industry, to leave my feeds until the end of the day and treat it as a reward, not a necessity.

Here’s a little stanza regarding how I feel about the issue.

My book in the morning is like a cup of joe
Gets me up and ready and willing to go
Information Saturation is what I need
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2 June, 2008

Artnoxious : At the Intersection of Pretension, Egomania and Temporal Abundance

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Given that we live in a society of exuberant excess, it’s only inevitable that somewhere along the long, dreary path of the soul, we find those who would use our patterns of communication to judge, delineate and define in a way that is not accessible to the casual observer, only after much study and socialization, can one break past this intellectual exclusion and access the intention going into a given work, which, to my great distress, supersedes the varied interpretations of that work in an ephemeral triumph of individual arrogance over group experience. In short, it’s Artnoxious.


1 May, 2008

6 Months Without My Mac

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So, the title of this post is a little misleading. It’s not that I am completely without, it’s just been relegated to occasional home use only, since I have to bring my clunky PC everywhere, because I can’t run Outlook and sync calendars & todo lists on my pre-intel apple… but that’s another story.

I started up my 4 year old iBook (sub-ghz!) last night to shoot off a modified resume (yes, a computing platform affects my employment decisions). I hit the power button, went to get a drink of water, then I came back, and to my astonishment, I was at my desktop, ready to go. I’ve been gone from my computer so long that the possibility of productivity astonishes me! (more…)

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