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26 August, 2009

Google Custom Search into YubNub

Ok, we all love Google Custom Search, but if only it was easier to access the power underneath the hood. YubNub to the rescue!

First, you need an easy way to use YubNub, my favorite way is through an application or input driven URL launcher. Alternatively, you can place

in the Firefox about:config setting “keyword.URL” for awesome bar access.

about:config setting keyword.URL in FF3

about:config setting keyword.URL in FF3

Second, you need to make, or utilize, a Google Custom Search. The specifics of that are up to you to decipher.

Third, go to “manage your existing search engines” from the GCSE main page. Click on the link for the search engine you want to YubNub and query some simple garbage, like “asdf”, and it will likely return this :


That’s ok, it’s the URL we’re after (your cx numbers will be different).

Pay special attention to the q variable. Hey, that’s my query! That means I can do almost anything with this URL! Drop it into QuickSilver, make a keyword based search for FireFox, or put it into YubNub!

Simply replace the “asdf” in your URL with a “%s” and you’re ready to rock with every possibility I’ve described above.

My first one was a Javascript Reference that shortens to “jsr”, fyi.

15 September, 2008

A little bit of luck goes a long way…

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Wow, what can I say but wow, it’s been an exciting month. I’ve started freelancing again, got a few clients who need some web programming. This time is going much better then the last time I tried freelancing.
Last time, I only managed to land one client, and despite my best efforts, that dried up. I think the economy wasn’t feeling the pinch at that time, so there was not as much need for my skills. Or maybe I wasn’t all that great a year and a half ago? Who knows.

I think that a large portion of my current success is due to the business lessons I learned in the last place I worked. Business lessons meaning:

  1. You can be an idiot and succeed if you have sufficient focus and resources. Intelligence can only take you so far, turning ideas into action is critical
  2. Confidence goes further towards trust then knowledge. Talking to people from a place where you know what you are doing and where they are coming from is much more valuable than the latest arcane knowledge.
  3. Social Capital is key. The people around you are your opportunities and limitations, take time to nurture these relationships.
  4. Don’t be afraid of risk, doing nothing is a choice you can’t afford to make.

I went to GnomeDex 08, and had some wonderful interactions there. If anyone reading this wants audio of any of the presentations, I have them archived, just email me. One of the most interesting aspects of that show was the audience participation. The room was full of macBooks (i was rocking my iBook) and over twitter and IRC the most vibrant discussion of the material was taking place.

It was truly a revolution of what education could be. Instead of a one-way street, one person communicating to many, you had a many-to-many conversation surrounding a subject matter. What if THIS is how school was? Wow. What a world that would be.

Anyway, I don’t really have a point with this, except to keep google noticing my blog, and that I put some content on it with some regularity. ;)
Drop a line sometime. I’m on skype at sean_canton.

If anyone wants to see my (in construction and welcoming feedback) freelance biz site, please visit:

24 June, 2008

Underemployed, or Do employees dream of contracting?

You spend the first six months at a job learning your place, testing your limits and generally meeting what is expected from you. After that, the work-expectation set point has been established, and you have nothing to anticipate besides advancement, quitting or getting fired in a blazing row. There is no challenge, and you go to work not watching the clock, but looking for ways to pass the time. (more…)

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