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6 June, 2008

Momentum : Why the first 6 months at a job are the most important.

Momentum is a critical part of living and feeling vital, to always know that new opportunities are emerging and that one’s abilities are being utilized to their utmost. To make the most out of now, so that in the future, more will be available. To never be stagnant, stuck or otherwise without options. Most employees are lucky to make it 6 months without momentum being killed, not by an inner sense of torpor, but from not being placed in a situation where one’s potential can be realized through daily situational challenges. (more…)

30 May, 2008

How to maintain your Self-Esteem at work

“I don’t want to go to work today”

Do you recognize who said this? You and I, full of this stuff called ‘free-will’, give in to the incessant demands of our jobs simply because they hold over our heads the very stuff of survival, a steady paycheck.

As if constantly wrenching our individual will-power in order to be subservient to another isn’t bad enough, once we are in our work environment we encounter no small number of things which are detrimental to our physical and mental health. (more…)

23 May, 2008

How to use Piles Effectively

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My first pile
Photo by JPKwitter

Piles of stuff are a paradox. What appears to the uninitiated as a disorderly mess, to the creator of said pile, is the quickest way to file, categorize and find items, using the intuitive and associative powers of the mind. How can a thing be both an organizational solution and a problem?


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