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21 May, 2008

What to do when confronted by a Tiny Tyrant, the Micromanager

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Along with Angry Bosses another irksome facet of the overbearing, anti-humanistic, corporate world is Micromanagement.

For those whose primary reaction to the term micromanagement is in the context of video games, you are fortunate. (more…)

29 April, 2008

A UX Critique of Digg

Well, this is one thing which really bothers me and I wish they would change how this particular section of digg works. But you know, advertisers are the ultimate customer, and more pageviews = more dollars.


11 March, 2008

Publish Often Or Perish

This cow knows how to publish often…

Greetings, dear Reader.

I’ve been using the internet since before it was cool. I’m a geek of the dial-up PPP connection era. I love creating digital media, and still buzzing from SearchFest 2008 in Portland, OR (with illumating talks by Rand Fishkin, Jeff Pruitt, Paul Colligan, and Marty Weintraub , Google and MS just hyped their own products) I’m now fully on the Search Engine Marketing bandwagon. Although, I don’t think it’s really about gaming the search engines anymore. Search engines are only secondary referral mechanisms to the aim of generating conversation about ideas. It’s more about gaming people in effective ways at this point.

I’ve been searching for a way to get my hands on the resources (meaning money, people and time) to get to realizing some of my dreams. This website is an attempt at this. While the true purpose cannot be revealed until it is complete (i’m impatient too), I promise it will be interesting, to creative people, to business, to anyone watching, I’m updating the ancient paradigm, Publish or Perish.

It’s now, Publish Often Or Perish (with the wonderfully catchy, self-describing acronym).

You can’t get by, in the online world, with a web page or message that updates once a year, or worse, remains static. Static is the enemy of a dynamic society, always chasing novelty and innovation. The public needs businesses to be as involved with the online conversation as themselves. That means, (dust off an apple era Guy Kawasaki book), marketers must be rabid evangelists of the products they promote.

How do we accomplish this? I only have so much love to go around. *wink wink*

This is not a problem you can throw money at and make go away (sorry conventional business logic). In fact, the more money you throw at the problem, the more distrust you are likely to generate amongst a crowd of consumers that universally distrust anything that looks like advertising.

Human Content Generation (HCG) is the name of the game now. You drive eyeballs by publishing interesting, informative, fun or controversial content. Think of it as a press release with edge, or an advertisement where consumer input in an online sandbox dictates exactly which color the car in the commercial is.

HCG is the second side of the mass media conversation, which previously took place in your living room, but instead is lived out in youtube, blogs, and a whole bunch of other stuff I’m too tired to think of right now, this blog is only 2 hours old (registration + wordpress + analytics installed! any idiot with a credit card can publish, many do (see above)).

Check back on this space! feel free to drop a line in the comments too.


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