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26 August, 2009

Google Custom Search into YubNub

Ok, we all love Google Custom Search, but if only it was easier to access the power underneath the hood. YubNub to the rescue!

First, you need an easy way to use YubNub, my favorite way is through an application or input driven URL launcher. Alternatively, you can place

in the Firefox about:config setting “keyword.URL” for awesome bar access.

about:config setting keyword.URL in FF3

about:config setting keyword.URL in FF3

Second, you need to make, or utilize, a Google Custom Search. The specifics of that are up to you to decipher.

Third, go to “manage your existing search engines” from the GCSE main page. Click on the link for the search engine you want to YubNub and query some simple garbage, like “asdf”, and it will likely return this :


That’s ok, it’s the URL we’re after (your cx numbers will be different).

Pay special attention to the q variable. Hey, that’s my query! That means I can do almost anything with this URL! Drop it into QuickSilver, make a keyword based search for FireFox, or put it into YubNub!

Simply replace the “asdf” in your URL with a “%s” and you’re ready to rock with every possibility I’ve described above.

My first one was a Javascript Reference that shortens to “jsr”, fyi.

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