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2 June, 2008

Universal Cover Letter

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To Whom It May Concern,

I recognize that it is likely that you do not have a position available at this time. My intention with this letter is to establish myself as a capable, intelligent and creative person, so that when you do need fresh talent, I will be considered as a possibility. I welcome any opportunity to meet interesting people, build new skills or utilize my experience.

My working history spans the new media gamut from audio/video production to web site design to interactive development. I have achieved a very high level of expertise with almost every industry-standard production tool from Adobe and Apple. I am constantly looking to refine my creative workflow with tools and techniques so that I can be more efficient and flexible

I have had the opportunity throughout my education and experience to learn how to program in PHP, ActionScript, and Ruby (on Rails). I enjoy the social and logical challenges presented by software development, and I would certainly be interested in joining an environment which follows the Agile methodology.

I have worked in client-facing roles to determine project scope, timeline and budget. My experience with media production allowed me to communicate clearly about what is possible, and how it can be achieved. My experience in designing and developing gives me the language to communicate about a clients needs and expectations across departments.

I wish to be met with a rising bar of challenge and a path for career advancement. Optimally, arrangements which allow for flex-time and telecommuting are preferable. I am open to the possibility of contract, part-time or full-time employment.

I am looking to move to the Seattle area from Portland, OR.

I anticipate speaking with you about the possibilities of our future collaboration.


Sean Canton

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  1. Thanks for this Nice post, Really usefull all of us. just bookmarked this post in my digg profile, hope you will update more post soon.
    I really liked your blog!


    Comment by Crossing Arbogast — 8 July, 2009 @ 11:24 pm

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